1999 Hall of Fame


Mary Beth Altizer
Charter: W-K Music & Vending – Columbus, Ohio

Mary Beth has been a tremendous asset at both the local and state level whether it’s by refereeing or doing stats for tournament play.

Mary Beth has captained numerous 1st place league teams and has also performed well at their City Championships.
Mary Beth loves the competitiveness of the VNEA International Championships and has been a tough competitor herself.

Mary Beth is also a nationally certified referee and has worked the floor in Las Vegas for the past three years.

"VNEA is like my adopted family. I would do anything that would benefit the VNEA whether it was on a local, state, or national basis." – Mary Beth Altizer


Dave Angiolillo
Charter: Juke Box Jack – Evansville, Wyoming

Dave is involved in many aspects of his local league program from being an officer to helping conduct local and state tournaments.

In 1997, Dave received the President’s Award for outstanding support and contributions to his league. He was also chosen "Player of the Year" for the 1997-98 league season.

Dave also helped start the Douglas Junior League and Douglas Team Tournament and has been successful in raising money for local charities through league and tournament contributions.

Dave and his league team affectionately called "Big Dog & Little Whiners" have competed strongly at the VNEA International Championships for the last four years. Their goal, like many others, is to take home the Championship title.

"Before joining a VNEA pool league, my game was very mediocre. Team play has made me work harder at my game." – Dave Angiolillo


Gari Jo Jensen
Charter: Rushmore Amusement – Rapid City, South Dakota

Gari Jo has been very active in the promotion of pool in her area by encouraging young players to get involved in pool by teaching them the fundamentals of the game. She also serves on her local VNEA league Board of Directors.

Her local accomplishments are many: League Singles Champion; S. Dakota State Women’s Masters 8-Ball Champion (6 times); S. Dakota State Women’s Masters 9-Ball Champion (6 times); S. Dakota State Women’s Team Champion (13 times); Inducted into the S. Dakota State 8-Ball Hall of Fame in 1995.

Gari Jo has been a pillar of excellence at the Int’l Championships. She has often been a member of winning teams and has placed in the top 4 in Singles competition numerous times as well.

Gari Jo won the Women’s Master 8-Ball Singles Division in 1994, 95, & 96. She was the first player in VNEA history to win a division in 3 consecutive years.

"Having been involved with the VNEA for as long as I have, it has been very exciting to see it grow as it has." – Gari Jo Jensen


Jake Kruse
Charter: C & N Sales – Mankato, MN

To say that Jake likes to play pool is an understatement. For the past 10 years, he has played pool three nights a week in three different leagues. Jake’s team has finished atop their league several times over the years and in 1991, Jake finished with the league’s highest average.

Jake’s defining moment came in 1994 in Okaboji, Iowa where he completed a 30 Zip match. Only twenty other players in the VNEA were able to match that feat during that season.

Having been a member of the VNEA for 19 years, Jake has played in the International Championships a number of times.

In 1986, Jake’s team finished in 13/16th place and in 1991, he and his daughter captured 17/32nd place in the Scotch Doubles event. Jake has been a great competitor for many years.
"My most memorable moment in the VNEA came in 1994 when I earned the coveted 30-Zip Award." – Jake Kruse


Barry Smith
Charter: Grand Bahamas Distributor - Freeport, Grand Bahamas

Barry has been the backbone of the VNEA’s success in the Bahamas as he has worked hard to coordinate their local league system.

Serving as a referee at his local and state events, Barry has conditioned himself into a highly respected International referee.

Barry’s accomplishments on the table range from leading his league in several categories to winning the Bahamas Int’l Singles Shoot-Out in 1998. He has also won the Grand Bahama Island Championship in ’92, ’97, and ’98 and was Bahama National Champion in ’95 and ’98.

Barry has been a strong competitor in the VNEA International Championships for many years and captured his first title in 1995 by winning the Artistic Pool Championship. He would again win that crown in 1997.

In 1995, Barry took home the honor of Target Pool Champion at the big show in Las Vegas.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed playing and competing in the VNEA at all levels. The Valley organization is top notch." – Barry Smith