Class of 2012


Charter: GRE Amusements - Burlington, IA

Ever since the VNEA was established in Iowa, Dick has shot pool on a league every week and entered nearly every tournament. As captain of his team, Dick has won many league titles and city championships and has finished atop the leaderboard on several occasions at the state level. Dick established himself as a Master player in Iowa in 1990. He was always a gentlemen to compete against and never missed an opportunity to help anyone with their game. Dick loved creating and performing trick shots for his friends. He would amaze you with his fancy shot-making skills, and then show you how to do the tricks so that everyone could share in the fun.

VNEA NOTE:  Dick was one of those amazing people that when you got a chance to play him, the memory was always a happy and pleasurable experience. He was truly committed to the VNEA.


Charter: D & R Star - Rochester, MN

Bill was an early “pioneer” in promoting youth and adult VNEA leagues in Southern Minnesota. As a pool room owner, he worked closely with Dave and Dick Hawkins to grow their league system. Bill was a championship caliber pool player but loved to host tournaments and provide professional quality pool lessons to anyone that was interested. Bill led his team to a second place finish at the first VNEA Championships at the Kahler Hotel in Rochester, Minnesota in 1979. Bill’s real passion was in building the local youth program. He was even known to rent a van to run young players around to D & R Star’s youth tournaments. An early promoter of the VNEA, Bill was highly respected by his peers and the many players that he touched through his dedication to VNEA.

VNEA NOTE: Bill had a special relationship with legendary cuemaker Paul Huebler and sold many of his cues. Bill played with a top-end Huebler cue which was buried with him in his casket.


Charter: Coin Drop Games - Naples, FL

Pam started shooting with the VNEA in 1995. Since then, she hasn’t missed a State Tournament and has only missed one International Championship. She has won several local league awards, many top finishes at the state level and captured first place in the Women’s 9-Ball Seniors division at the Vegas Championships in 2004. Her team also won the Women’s Team title at the Bahamas Shootout in 2000. Adding to her list of awards, Pam’s teams have won the coveted “Red Jones Team Uniform Award” twice at the Vegas tournament. Pam’s knowledge of the game is undeniable as she is a longtime Certified Referee, Certified Instructor and has implemented many computerized systems.
VNEA QUOTE: “Being involved with the VNEA means participating in an organization that has set the standard for amateur pool, in the United States and Internationally. Even more, it is being part of a very special and caring family”.


Charter: BMW Billiards - Loveland, CO

Gene and his wife bought their own establishment in 1962 and it was one of the first VNEA league locations in Colorado. Gene has been a team captain since 1984 and has competed in many VNEA events over the years including several team league titles and a Rocky Mountain Singles Championship. He’s competed strongly in the International Championships including when it was held in Reno, Nevada.

Gene has maintained his league status well into his retirement years. Gene now still plays VNEA leagues two nights a week. One of those nights he plays on a “3 Generation Kapperman” team with two of his sons and two of his grandson’s.

VNEA QUOTE: “I would never have imagined playing a game that I enjoy so much would eventually result in being inducted into the prestigious VNEA Hall of Fame”.


Charter: D & R Star - Austin, MN

Barb is part of an elite group of players who have been playing in the VNEA League System since its inception. This type of dedication to our pool league association is unparalleled.

Barb is the captain of her league team and serves as Vice President of her pool league. She worked diligently for D & R Star for 25 years always promoting the VNEA and their local league program. She also served as the league secretary for many area leagues and also ran the
youth pool league in Geneva for four years.

VNEA QUOTE: “Paul Huebler is my favorite cue manufacturer and he is a sweetheart”.


Charter: Alliance - St-Anselme, Quebec

Alain truly loves his sport. He has captained his team for 15 years and has competed in over 40 tournaments in his career. His team has won the Quebec Invitational four times. He has also captured titles in the Ontario Provincials and Bahamas Shootout. Alain’s great level of play at the tournament level has also carried into the Vegas Championships. He and his team have had several top finishes in the Open, Intermediate and Master Divisions. His most memorable time in the VNEA was in 2007 when his Master Team finished in third place and he and his best friends and teammates were able to walk on the stage at the Awards Banquet and receive their coveted “Charlie’s”!

VNEA QUOTE: “When I joined the VNEA Family in 1997 with my team “Les Tigres”, I never realized that this would be the place that I would find so many good friends forever”.