Class of 2013






Charter: Aactive Coin - Winnipeg, Manitoba


Bob and his brother Ted own and operate Aactive Coin Machines which features one of the largest pool leagues in the VNEA system. He has helped promote the VNEA across Western Canada and especially likes developing the younger players. Bob has Captained many teams over the past 19 years and has many local accomplishments. At the Vegas Championships, Bob has had several high finishes including bringing home a coveted “Charlie” award. Bob has always felt that the best thing about the Vegas event are the people, from the organizational team to the players, it is a family atmosphere... and one BIG Party!


VNEA NOTE: It has been a pleasure and an honor to be involved with a class organization such as the VNEA. Our Charter will continue to grow knowing that we have the backing of the VNEA.






Charter: Ligue Alliance - St-Anselme, Quebec


A very accomplished pool player, Charles has captured titles in both the Singles and Team events at the Annual Quebec Invitational against some of the top players in Eastern Canada. Charles has traveled to New England, Wyoming, Colorado and the Bahamas to play in VNEA Tournaments racking up top finishes at every stop. In 2010, his team placed 4th in the Intermediate Division at the VNEA World Championships in Las Vegas. Charles is a Certified Referee and serves as an ambassador for his Charter Holder at many international events. He teaches beginners the game of pool and incorporates them into the VNEA League System.


VNEA NOTE: Playing VNEA Leagues and Tournaments has given me the opportunity to travel, play and meet some outstanding players and friends from all over the world.






Charter: Coin-Op Specialist - Adrian, MI


Serving as the Captain of several women’s and open teams, Dawn racked up numerous league titles in her region. She was also a Certified Referee. At the Vegas Championships, Dawn accumulated over a dozen sixth place or higher finishes in various divisions. She was a member of three different “All-Star” Teams (1st Team, 2nd Team and Honorable Mention). In 2011, her team Answer That captured the title in the Women’s Intermediate Team Division. Each year Dawn attended the Vegas event, her favorite part wasn’t the trophies or the winnings, but being there with her pool family and the experiences she shared with them.


VNEA NOTE: Dawn and her Meucci cue played for the same Charter Holder throughout her entire VNEA career. She always enjoyed finding a fellow pool player to take under her wing to pass her knowledge on to.







Charter: D&R Star - Rochester, MN


Beth was first sanctioned with the VNEA in 1987. She attended her first International Championships in 1988. Since that time, Beth’s accomplishments have been “off the charts”! She has accumulated over 30 titles in her local league systems and several Singles and Team titles at the State level. And get this... from the years 2000 through 2012, Beth has earned (19) Charlie Cougar Awards including four first place titles. Throughout those years, Beth played her way onto four VNEA “All-Star” Teams. She was also one of the fortunate players to get to participate in VNEA’s “3,000,000th Game Played” on June 2, 2010. This resume makes Beth one of the most decorated players in VNEA’s history.


VNEA NOTE: Many thanks to VNEA for this tremendous honor and D & R Star for the nomination. From my first league to winning the VNEA International Master Team and Singles titles two decades later, it’s been a terrific ride.






Charter: VVS - Lincoln, NE


Kale James “Woody” Woodside began playing pool in 1974, embarking on a lifetime of impact on the game. He began playing league pool in 1983 and won many local tournaments. His love for the game led to his becoming a Certified Instructor and involvement with the local Junior Program. In the 90’s, Woody began impacting pool on an international level when he became a referee. After earning a sterling reputation refereeing local and regional tournaments, Woody became the Head Referee for the VNEA International Junior Pool Tournament and a referee for the VNEA International Tournament. He was named the VNEA International Tournament “Referee Of The Year” in 2008.


VNEA NOTE: The best thing about refereeing the VNEA Tournaments is seeing all the friends I’ve made over the years. It is like a family reunion. And working with the VNEA Junior Program has allowed a “sneek-peek” to the up and coming wave of shooters.